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You Designed Me

Lord I just…
Just want to be everything you have
Destined me to be.
I want to walk toward your path that
Shines ever so bright.
I’ve been drowning within the depths of my
Own darkness for so long that I
Question what’s left of my sanity.
Everyday I sin yet, you find forgiveness.
Even though I turned away from you;
The love you have for me remains true.

You have designed me in your image.
You already have a plan set in
Motion for me.
You have designed me to one day
Understand my destiny you’ve
Long set in motion.
You designed me not to bring myself down but
To bring myself up.
You designed me to not follow those of
The world but to be a leader for
Generations to come.
You designed me to rise up from these
Chains that bind me so that I may
Walk the path of righteousness.

Lord… I just want….
I just want to be everything you
Created me to be.