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Forsaken DLC Impression

I’ve been playing Destiny 2 Forsaken since the expansion launched. After playing this expansion for the past five days I can honestly say that I’m enjoying what Forsaken has to offer. First thing I noticed was that Bungie gave me 1,000 silver which, was a nice little surprise. Then Tess awarding me with 5 bright engrams or steadfast engrams is what they call it now in this DLC which, was also a nice touch. Heck I even enjoyed the campaign as well. So for I have no exotics in my collection except for the Ace of Spades I just recently acquired. I’m looking forward to the additional content that will soon come our way in the coming months!

Half Baked

Hello WordPress!! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

So yes it is once again that time to give another Ben & Jerry’s flavor a try since, it has been a while. So at Walmart I went and picked up two flavors. One of them is this flavor Half Baked and the other one well… I’ll talk about that particular flavor next time around 🤗. This flavor in particular though is honestly great. Both vanilla and chocolate ice cream with cookie dough pieces and fudge brownies. If you love cookie dough, fudge brownies and the mix of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream then this is your number one flavor. Looks like this flavor is another 👍🏻 in my books.

Cheesecake Heaven

Hello there guys and yes it is that time again where I gave another flavor from Ben & Jerry’s a shot. This time around I went with the Strawberry Cheesecake. Taste like I’m eating strawberry cheesecake with every bit. Might possibly be my #1 favorite but who knows 🤗. There is a bunch of flavors I have yet to try!

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