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Forsaken DLC Impression

I’ve been playing Destiny 2 Forsaken since the expansion launched. After playing this expansion for the past five days I can honestly say that I’m enjoying what Forsaken has to offer. First thing I noticed was that Bungie gave me 1,000 silver which, was a nice little surprise. Then Tess awarding me with 5 bright engrams or steadfast engrams is what they call it now in this DLC which, was also a nice touch. Heck I even enjoyed the campaign as well. So for I have no exotics in my collection except for the Ace of Spades I just recently acquired. I’m looking forward to the additional content that will soon come our way in the coming months!

Kicked out

So how about I decided to play some D2 because why not only to find out that my own clan removed me. It’s no big deal or anything. It has been some time since I last played the game. The Forsaken DLC is near and honestly that was the only reason I started playing again. Eventually I’ll find a better clan to join up.

So I have finally reached ranked 50 for Dead Orbit for this Faction Rally. Now it is time to work on making the Graviton Lance a masterwork. I have always been a New Monarchy supporter since Destiny 1. In the last Faction Rally I joined FWC to acquire the Sunshot catalyst which, I achieved so now I’m basically doing the same with Dead Orbit. Other then that NM all the way!

Finally Did it!

For the first Faction Rally of Season 3 of D2 I decided to join with FWC so that I can get the masterwork for the Sunshot hand cannon. This was no simple task as I had to rank up to level 50 with FWC which I did however, turning this weapon to a masterwork was truly a grind. The first objective was to just defeat enemies with the weapon which was pretty simple. It was the second objective that became such a grind. The second objective was to get kills using the sun blast trait which, took forever lol. I have over 2,000 enemies defeated by the time I finally turn Sunshot into a masterwork.