Destiny March Update

The D2 March update is now live. Even though I feel more powerful I can’t tell if I move faster or not but that’s just my opinion. I’ve been grinding the prestige nightfall since yesterday and still have yet to obtain the rare loot! Supposedly the higher the handicap the higher your chances will be. I’ve tried that and even have a personal score of 70,012. With all of that said guess I’ll have to keep grinding!

D2’s final seasonal faction rally

Interesting! The next coming faction rally starts on March 20th which, is the final faction rally of season 2. Now New Monarchy (whom I’ve always supported with since Destiny 1) has won the previous rally. Since this upcoming rally will be the final one of season 2 I can see all three factions going all out trying to clam victory. Either way I’ll come back to D2 during that week to help my faction claim victory once more!

›Video belongs to Youtuber KackisHD

New to The Division

I just want to say that I’ve had a wonderful weekend. I spent time with my family and was able to even spend time with my nephew!

⇒ On a another note I recently purchased Tom Clancy’s The Division. Since Destiny 2 is starting to get boring I decided to purchased a different game to keep myself occupied. So far after putting in a few hours I’m honestly starting to enjoy the game! Recently I heard about The Division 2 was announced which, is the reason I want to harness my skills and get a better understanding of the story.