Finally found these Oreo’s as it took me some time to find them honestly. Honestly I’d give this flavor a thumbs up. I haven’t tried them with milk yet but I’m sure it’s just as good if not great. I’m sure you peanut butter/chocolate lovers would like this Oreo.

For you chocolate/peanut butter lovers!

I’m back with another flavor from Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve actually found this particular flavor at Winn-Dixie. So how does it taste? It’s a great combination of peanut butter and chocolate. The core is thick and very chocolatey and you’ll note it. Honestly it’s a great tasting flavor. Definitely a great ice cream for chocolate/peanut […]

Cheesecake Paradise!

Hello WordPress press. In this blog post I’m giving my opinions on another flavor from Ben & Jerry’s that I honestly like personally. If you are a lover of ice cream and your curious about the flavor I tried the click on this post to read more!

Chocolate Therapy! Sign me up!!

Sign me up for this kind of therapy. Truly a great flavor for those who really like their ice cream chocolatey 😋 Check out the other flavors I’ve tried from Ben & Jerry’s! Brownie Batter Deliciousness! For you chocolate lovers! One of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! Personal Favorite of Mine! Wondering what […]