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Finally Did it!

For the first Faction Rally of Season 3 of D2 I decided to join with FWC so that I can get the masterwork for the Sunshot hand cannon. This was no simple task as I had to rank up to level 50 with FWC which I did however, turning this weapon to a masterwork was truly a grind. The first objective was to just defeat enemies with the weapon which was pretty simple. It was the second objective that became such a grind. The second objective was to get kills using the sun blast trait which, took forever lol. I have over 2,000 enemies defeated by the time I finally turn Sunshot into a masterwork.

D2’s final seasonal faction rally

Interesting! The next coming faction rally starts on March 20th which, is the final faction rally of season 2. Now New Monarchy (whom I’ve always supported with since Destiny 1) has won the previous rally. Since this upcoming rally will be the final one of season 2 I can see all three factions going all out trying to clam victory. Either way I’ll come back to D2 during that week to help my faction claim victory once more!

›Video belongs to Youtuber KackisHD