For you chocolate/peanut butter lovers!

I’m back with another flavor from Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve actually found this particular flavor at Winn-Dixie. So how does it taste? It’s a great combination of peanut butter and chocolate. The core is thick and very chocolatey and you’ll note it. Honestly it’s a great tasting flavor. Definitely a great ice cream for chocolate/peanut […]

It’s official. The Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles are by far my number one favorite flavor!

So there was another ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry’s that I had wanted to try but unfortunately I’m not feeling to well. Hopefully I will soon

Cheesecake Paradise!

Hello WordPress press. In this blog post I’m giving my opinions on another flavor from Ben & Jerry’s that I honestly like personally. If you are a lover of ice cream and your curious about the flavor I tried the click on this post to read more!

Half Baked

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Today is that time once again to try out a different flavor from Ben & Jerry’s. Will this flavor be another 👍🏻 up for me or will this be my first 👎🏻. Check this post out to find out!

Cheesecake Heaven

Hello there guys and yes it is that time again where I gave another flavor from Ben & Jerry’s a shot. This time around I went with the Strawberry Cheesecake. Taste like I’m eating strawberry cheesecake with every bit. Might possibly be my #1 favorite but who knows 🤗. There is a bunch of flavors […]