“What you do after you create your content is what truly counts.”
–Gary Vaunerchuk

Bringing you the positive vibes!

Hello WordPress! My name is Carlos. Just your average guy living here in Florida. I have been apart of WordPress since 2016 but this is actually my first time creating a blog on here. Originally this just started out for me as a habit but I’m hoping in time it will turn more into a hobby. I’m really not the most consistent blogger but I will definitely try and push myself to write more on here no matter how small or random it may be.

In this blog you’ll find posts about:

  • Quotes I like
  • Opinions about my personal favorite games I play (Note: I’m a huge Destiny player so anything related to the game will be on here).
  • Food related posts

About the name of my site

The name of my site comes from two fun facts about myself. The first one is that my zodiac sign is that of a Sagittarius (#TeamSagittarius) and the second fact about me is that I’m Puerto Rican. So that’s how the name Sagittarian Rican came to be.

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Thank you and may you all have a wonderful day!