Tarian Tales #1

“Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.
–Mineko Iwasaki”

This quote speaks to me.

SELRES_ec21956d-f321-4e12-93b1-b5c9cdbdf48eSELRES_313e92cd-c52d-4555-a405-fbfc082003d6SELRES_4b288a67-dc69-4de2-b19d-f684e0ab89ccSELRES_7feb89c2-dee0-42d1-a689-9b59e1750423SELRES_9ce48616-a553-419f-8d1d-043a0deac4f8SELRES_383f6c59-42db-43eb-b599-f3c4c9c2127aBack SELRES_383f6c59-42db-43eb-b599-f3c4c9c2127aSELRES_9ce48616-a553-419f-8d1d-043a0deac4f8SELRES_7feb89c2-dee0-42d1-a689-9b59e1750423SELRES_4b288a67-dc69-4de2-b19d-f684e0ab89ccSELRES_313e92cd-c52d-4555-a405-fbfc082003d6SELRES_ec21956d-f321-4e12-93b1-b5c9cdbdf48ein middle school I’ve known a girl (where just going to call her K) who later on became to be my high school sweetheart. How we dated was funny actually. A friend of mine by the name of Lacey was talking to me at school during breakfast when K out of no where said: “why are you talking to my man”? I was confused as to why she would say that but immediately ignored it and carry on with the rest of my morning. Later on that day we actually started dating. From that moment on were inseparable (or at least I thought we were anyway). Fast forward to my senior year where, I was told by many of my peers that she was cheating on me with one of my close friends. At the time I didn’t believe the stories that each of my peers were trying to tell me. Finally I confront her about it and of course she denies it 😑 but eventually admits it.

I was devastated like truly I was at a lost for words. I started to walk to away trying to collect myself. K tries talking to me but I simply ignore her as I’m trying to process all of this. I eventually calmed myself down and kept my composure (for the most part anyway). So we talked but at this point breaking up with her was all I could think about. She wanted to work things out but I started to wonder… what if she cheated on me more then one occasion? That thought alone truly made the situation worse for me. Finally I decided to end my relationship with her. Honestly it was not easy for me to make such a decision but I was devastated, destroyed… there are no words describing how I truly felt that day. Sure I was young but at the time I knew what I wanted!

I moved on eventually and somehow I was able to forgive her yet, I’ll never forget the pain she has caused!

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